Saturday, March 29, 2014

a revival

Ahem.  This is very important so go ahead and pause Breaking Bad or Parks and Rec or American Idol (if you still watch that) or whatever.  It's THAT big a deal.


I'm doing a series.  Not just any series.  A series we all know and love.  Yes!  You're not dreaming!  It's true!
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It's coming back this year!  Do you remember the first year of Yarn it all! in all it's glory?  

And the first comeback Yarn it all! made?

And then, sadly, it went on hiatus along with me when pip decided to kick my behind to the curb for months on end.

But all of that's in the past!  We're focusing on the here and now.  And the here and now is Yarn it all! 2014!  (cheering, applause, ovations, general adoration and some giddy and understandable mayhem)

Now try to control yourself.  This year will be slightly different than times past.  I generally have a cohost to take care of the crochet/knit side of things for me.  You know, since I'd only tie myself up in knots if I attempted that.  Alas, my partner in crime is otherwise engaged (did you hear??  Shannon, aka googiemomma, is in this season of PR&P!) so I let her off the hook.  For now (mwahahahahaha!!)

That means I've enlisted the help of several guest posters... er, guest crafters/bloggers to share their insane talents with you.  Oh, I'll be popping in too, don't you worry.  

Ah, yes!  There are also several similarities to years past.  Like, I cover lots of stuff in yarn.  Yea!  Also, there will be a link party (starting tomorrow!) and I will be featuring your yarn projects!  Also, there will be a giveaway!  Yes, for reals.  And it's awesome.  Also, there will be delicious cupcakes.  Ok, not really.  I'm just trying to entice you.  Like you need more enticement.  There's YARN!  And it's AWESOME!

Now you know what's in store.  Want to be a dear and help me get the word out?  Wonderful.  Thanks.
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Michelle L. said...

yay! Of course I remember yarn it all - sounds like it's gonna be fun!

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