Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More stuff with popsicle sticks.

Apparently there's some kind of popsicle stick obsession over here. What can I say?  Craft sticks and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Don't believe me?  Behold:

For this episode of
gifts kids can make title button photo 609ced11-6876-4692-a1a5-e445a9e0fe94_zps9d901afc.jpg

we combine a number of our current obsessions, including bright colors, cute ribbon, craft sticks and - OF COURSE - washi tape.  Yea!
Want to make some with your kidlets?
They really are as easy as they look.

You'll need:

Let me take a moment to have a bit of an aside here.  I am not a spokesperson for crop-a-dile (or whoever makes them.  Is that a Stampin' Up thing?) nor do I sell them, own stock in them or receive anything at all for endorsing them.  BUT.  I just want to say, these things are really great.  Two different sized punches, a small and even smaller size, that punch through pretty much ANYTHING.  For that alone they rock, but they also do eyelets.  So yeah.

Anyway, that's why I like crop-a-diles.  They punch right through a wood craft stick.  RIGHT THROUGH.  And now, so this doesn't sound anymore like an infomercial than it already does, let's just move on, shall we?  Great.


1. You take a craft stick.  (or three)2. You decorate your stick with washi tape.  Any old way you want.
3. You use your crop-a-dile and
4. punch a hole in the top of the stick.

5. You cut some ribbon, twine, yarn, what have you.  
6. Fold it in half.
7. Stick the loopy middle part through the hole, 
8. put the two ends through the loopy part 
9. and pull tight.
10. VOILA!

My son was pretty overjoyed when I gave him free reign over my "fancy tape."  He loves this stuff as much as I do!  He made a bookmark for each of his aunts and uncles for Christmas, and Zoe made one for her oldest cousin.

The only part they needed help with was feeding the thicker ribbon through the little hole.

Because they're super easy - and fun - to make, you can whip up a bunch in no time for Valentine's Day for your classmates!  

If you want to hand yours out for Valentine's Day, here's a free printable!  (You can click on it down at the bottom of the post)

Just print out the printable on card stock, cut out the cards, cut a slit on the top and a slit on the bottom and slide your stick through.  There's a front and back to print out on the same card stock, so your kids can write names and sign the back.

(Also, I got the Valentine themed washi tape in the dollar section at Target.  Hello??  Love that spot.  Go get some, quick!  I should perhaps point out that bug insisted on "boy" bookmarks as well, since apparently boys like neither hearts nor pink.  Hence the mustaches on yellow.)

Ah, love...
Bookmark Valentine Front photo bookmarkvalentinefront_zps7370499e.jpg Bookmark Valentine Back photo bookmarkvalentineback_zps62b6287d.jpg

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Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

Ok, seriously?! These are too cute! I just grabbed some washi tape from target last night. Got the last two rolls!!

BJ_Mama said...

well, poo. These are perfect, and I wish I would have seen them before Vday this year....there's always next year, right???

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