Monday, February 24, 2014

Another use for HOT COCOA (like you need one...)

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You guys.  The black plague has hit my house.  Ok.  Not really.  But close.  I've never had more than one kid sick at once - sometimes in quick succession, sure, but never at the same time.  I am exhausted.  Between holding hair back, clean-up duty, rubbing backs, wiping mouths, brushing teeth, nursing infant, etc, etc, I slept not a wink.
I'm sure you wanted that run down into our daily lives... in any case, now you can understand why we've been a little quiet here (we're still recovering) and why this post is short and sweet and to the point.

These pictures don't really do it justice.  I love a good mousse.

I fancied our cocoa mousse up with some crushed cookie sprinkles.  You could use plain chocolate sprinkles too.  So delicious!

Here's the printable recipe for you!

The absolute best part of this recipe is how versatile it is.  You can literally do this exact same thing with any hot coca flavored packets you want.  We tried milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate.  I am dying to try mint chocolate (which I think we will do for St. Patty's day) and white chocolate.  Don't think that would be amazing???  

Be warned, you MUST MUST do this with REAL whipped cream.  Do not shortcut with the fake stuff.  You'll be sorry!

Happy mousse eating!  

(The kids were convinced I found a moose in the backyard and tried to serve it to them.  It took a lot of explaining to get them to try this delicious dessert!)

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