Sunday, February 2, 2014

I hate this computer.

this week photo thisweekonbugabooblog_zpsdca9e44d.jpg

... there will be a delicious recipe.  No, that's not a sliced orange.  Or a pizza.  You figure it out.

There will also be a tutorial.  For these.  

I know, there are already about 6 million and 1/2 tutorials out there for them.  But mine's a little different.  And I waited a long time to post it, otherwise it would have been much more timely.

I also made a garland to show you.

It's a surprise.

There will also at some point be another installment of:
kid gifts photo gifts_zps983e5d14.jpg

just in time for you to make them for Valentine's Day!

There will also probably be more of the impromptu sundae-making.  Because that made them think I'm a cool mom.

And this cat?  He will definitely be spending a lot more time in his favorite throne.  Yes, his.

And I can guarantee there will be plenty more of this.

Plenty more.  As long as the little squeaker will let us, anyway.

This is all hinging entirely on my computer cooperating, though.  Because apparently it hates me as much as I hate it right now.  I can't access my photos.  Any of them.  And I'm more than a little upset.  But we're going to pretend I just showed you awesome photos and that everything is going to go as planned because that's all I can handle right now.  Ok?  Ok.  
Stupid computer.  (I feel like I should get more than 5 and 1/2 years of good, quality use out of things like this...) 

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