Monday, March 26, 2012

More Yarn Ideas from Other People

Due to this series I may be addicted to round-ups now.  I used to enjoy posting my own tutorials more than anything else, but there are so many cool things out there and I get so excited to show you all!  So without further ado, I bring you another Yarn Round Up.  There's something for everyone.  I swear.

Yarn Stuff to Make for Other People
1.  Mohawk Beanie at This Mamma Makes Stuff - Um.  The awesome factor can't be expressed in words.  bug will totally be getting one of these next year.  It's the perfect mix of homemade and just plan cool.
2.  Felt and Yarn Corsage from Yoonie at Home - Think "Mother's Day."
3.  Yarn and Felt Dolls at Craft Stylish - I've seen lots of yarn dolls, but none this cute. 
4.  Mini Yarn Skein Necklace on Max's World - Remember his earrings from last week?  Well, you could wear a skein of yarn around your neck, too.
5.  Big Bang Pillow from The Crafty CPA - You already know how I feel about french knots...
6.  Yarn Flower Greeting Card from Your SpecialTee - I just started realizing how many cool shapes and pictures you can make with yarn.
7.  Knotted Headband from Craft Spotter - This is a non-crocheted version of a crocheted headband.  Good idea for us non-knitters.

Decorating with Yarn
1.  Creepy Creature Canisters from Ilovetocreate - This makes me want it to be Halloween right now.
2.  Yarn Wrapped Gourds and Pumpkins from Two Shades of Pink - I TOLD you Jessica had amazing yarn ideas.
3.  Yarn Mantelscape (with wrapped candelabra tutorial) from Decor8 - An entire mantel designed around yarn.  Yep.  Love it.
4.  Yarn Turkey from - Well, I obviously don't have to tell you have cute this is.
5.  Baby Birds from Free Kids Crafts - Just in time for Spring!  Can you imagine these guys dancing around your Easter table?

1.  Yarn Bowl from Homework - A different version of the yarn bowl - a little more clean and contemporary.
2.  Yarn Ball Centerpiece from Just Sew Sassy - She did this for St. Patty's, but you could do it for anytime or everyday.
3.  Wire Words from Family Chic - So cute and easy!  Imagine your last name on the wall... cozy.
4.  Yarn and Flower Centerpiece from Style Me Pretty - I adore this centerpiece - yarn balls with glue in bright colors is not a new idea, but look at it paired with bright flowers and other small natural elements like sticks.
5.  Rainbow Backdrop from A Subtle Revelry - You've got to go check out the details of this party.  It's all YARN!!
6.  Pom Pom Placeholders on etsy, imeon design - Seriously?  Seriously?!  I wish I could do my reception again.  It would have pom poms everywhere.
7.  Yarn Pillow at Sutton Grace - Fun take on an embellishment for a pillow.
8.  Yarn Ombre Lampshade from Vintage Revivals - Ombre. Yarn.  Yep.

Very Clever Ideas I Wish I'd Thought Of First
1.  Bits and Scraps Storage from Travel, Food, Art and Design - Use clothespins to store bits of yarn or embroidery floss.  If you wrap from the springy end, you can use the clip part to hold the other end in place.
2.  CD Spindle Turned Yarn Bowl at DIY Gadgets - Instead of buying an expensive yarn bowl, upcycle a CD Spindle!
3.  Upcycled Yarn Storage at Leethal - Yet another reason to save all of your cans.
4.  Tangle Free Headphones from Apartment Therapy - It's cute AND practical.  Wrap your headphones and they won't get tangles!
5.  Playing SPY with Red Yarn "Lasers" from Shindig Spree - I featured another version of this using read streamers, but look!  You could use yarn!  
No explanation necessary for the following:
6.  Floral Gift Wrap (and other Christmas wrap ideas) at The Shady Acre
7.  Pom Pom Gift Wrap from Shelterness
8.  Woven Gift Wrap at Simple Analogy
9.  Rainbow Gift Wrap on Babble

I could go on for days... oh wait.  I have.

Check out the goodies over on Googiemomma!

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