Monday, July 15, 2013

Two desserts in a row?? As if that's abnormal...

Oh, you know how I feel about dessert.  Seriously.  Especially chocolate ones.  So this shouldn't be a surprise to you... PLUS.  mr was called away to Colombia (the one in South America, not Columbia, in South Carolina, as mr corrected me.) unexpectedly, and when that happens, my chocolate consumption increases.  

In any case, I bet you feel like cake mixes are blah.  They're easy.  You use them.  But they're nothing special.  Want to make this
into something super moist and delectable and lick your plate clean delicious with VERY VERY little effort?  Oooh, good.  Because I have a trick.  All you need are three ingredients.  Well, four, I guess, since the frosting is pretty important, too.

Cake mix.  Eggs.  Cherry pie filling.  Bam.  Secret ingredient revealed.  

No oil necessary!  Of course, to make it extra fudge-y and gooey and delicious you'll want to add the chocolate fudge frosting.  Which you can make from scratch as I did, or for extra ease, just buy the can.  Bam.

Because honestly, some of those canned frostings are better than homemade, am I right?  

But if you DO want to make some really creamy fudge frosting, I've included that on the recipe card.


I've gotta stop.  I sound like, I don't know, one of those big New Jersey chef people on cake boss.  Or something.

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1 comment:

ken said...

This was awesome! We just had it for dessert. A great combination of sweet and chocolately. And definitely gooey! Mmmmm.

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