Monday, July 8, 2013

Because I'd like everyone to gain weight along with me.

Ahem.  These bars?  They are delicious.  I say every dessert is my favorite (because it's true) and these are no different.  Chocolate? Check.  Caramel?  Check.  Gooey?  Check.  Cakey?  Check.  I mean, seriously.

You may have noticed last week, that we only had an entree for Yummy Monday.  So this week I thought I'd give you a dessert option.  There are literally hundreds of versions of this recipe out there - don't believe me?  Google it.  Or pinterest it.  Or whatever.  HUNDREDS.

But, in case you don't have your own go-to for the delectable German Chocolate Caramel Bars, I thought I'd give you my version.

Now, every time I make these bars, they come out of the oven looking a little funky in the pan.  I think it's because you can't pour the batter over the top - it's too thick.  So the little patties you make have to be patted together as best as you can all over the top.  Oh, also you'll notice that the version pictured has some pecans in it.  Feel free to add those if you so desire.

Regardless, they are delish, and really easy to make.  Which is why they made it into the "Dessert of the Month" birthday gift I made for my dad.

I figured if I'm gaining weight like a mad dog, you better too.

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