Monday, July 1, 2013

Fishy, Fishy, Fishy...

It's been a millennia since I posted a yummy Monday recipe, and I warn you, this was a meal I made months ago, back before the sun came out for the summer.  Which is to say, the pics are pretty dark and don't do the dinner justice.  BUT overlooking that fact, this is a PERFECT summer dinner that reeks of tropical deliciousness.  Maybe reeks isn't the right word?  Well, it does.

I admit that this dinner was so long ago, I don't really have any stories to go with it.  My memory doesn't last that long, I guess.

What I DO remember is how easy it seemed to make.  The recipe sounds a bit complex, but it really wasn't at all.  And the result was so delicious it seemed deceptive.  

I think cutting up the mango and pineapple took longer than actually making the fish.

As far as the rice goes, I used minute rice (because that made dinner even easier) and I'm sure you could make some kind of delicious jasmine/saffron/long grain something or other, but I jazzed up my minute rice like this:

Instead of boiling water, I used mostly chicken brother with a smidge of water.  Once it was boiling, I popped in the rice, covered it, let it steam, and then I added drained crushed pineapple.  It was much better than plain old rice and easy to boot.  You could do the same kind of thing adding cilantro or canned green chilies after.  

Mmmmm.  Taste of the tropics.  

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