Friday, September 30, 2011

More photos. Again.

You can totally skip this one if you aren't interested in more day trip photos.  I will understand - promise.  But you will miss out on the most adorable children ever, and that's not just bias talking, I swear.

So.  Where did I leave off?  Ah yes.  With the goats.

Well, after we ate some authentic Swedish food (some of us did anyway.  Some of us ordered UNauthentic mac and cheese and ate almost none of that regardless.  No names mentioned...) we took a short drive over to one of the most beautiful state parks around.  We ended up on a little beach on the bay - same place we last went camping (and that was when bug was like 18 months old...).

mini was very taken with the waves. 

And apparently with the sand, too.  She'd never been so close to such a large body of water before.  

And she quickly became engrossed when Grandma showed her the tiny rocks and shells.

bug immediately started throwing rocks in the water.  What a boy.

It was pretty chilly by the water.  Every time mr's parents come to visit we end up freezing them in some capacity or other... It never fails. 

I have no idea what she finds so interesting in Grandpa's hands, but they were having a lot of fun together.

Here's an attempt at a "sand castle".  Although it mainly consisted of bug tossing sand around and mini trying to crush the hill.

We thought we'd take advantage of the surroundings and have a few spontaneous family photos taken.  Ha!

My children are about this cooperative ALL THE TIME.

Well, at least they look more natural in this one... although you can't really see me or bug...

And that is just a hilarious look on mini's face, as she says "oooooooooo!"

I do believe this might be my favorite one from the trip.  I so seldom look decent in pictures, and I am usually the one taking them, not IN them...

Despite the wind, it really was a beautiful day on the bay.  It made me wish we were there camping for a few days.

Thanks for humoring me and my insane amount of photos - consider this warning for tomorrow.  I'll post the last of them then.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

What beautiful pictures of your family! I love the water.

Amy said...

What a nice way to spend time with the family. Love these family pictures, so gorgeous. :)

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