Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project 6: Not the bettin' kind.

This is yet another project to illustrate my love for dimensional magic. 
This is also another project that, because of drying time, takes longer than an hour.  I feel like a liar for telling you they took no time at all... I guess I didn’t count the waiting period because I was doing all sorts of other projects at the same time.  Sorry.  
Anyway, I found a bag of poker chips at the thrift store for 25 cents a while ago.  I don’t know how to play poker, but 25 cents for just about anything sounds like a good deal and I was positive I could do something with them.  
I started out with the same designs I made for this project, and this one, but I made them slightly bigger and cut them out in a circle.  
Then, I spread mod podge on the poker chip and laid the paper design on top.
When it was dry(ish) I spread dimensional magic all over the top of the pin.
You can see I did this two ways:
Made the paper circle cover the entire poker chip and

Made the paper circle only cover the indented part of the poker chip in the middle (but cover the WHOLE top with dimensional magic).
I think I like the second way better.
When the dimensional magic dries, you just hot glue OR use E6000 to adhere a pin back to the back.
Easy and cheap.  And dare I say... cute?

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