Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh, Spaghetti Feathers!

It's time once again for my annual crummy picture apology!  That means thanks for Daylight Savings, or lack thereof, or whatever because I can never keep which is which straight, it's dark all the darn time now.  So, from here until May you get crummy photos!  Yea!

But, on to what this post is really about.  Which is:

And without the photo to tell you that I literally mean spaghetti on feathers, doesn't it sound like a super silly "swear"?  You know, like "hornswoggled" or "dagnabbit".  Well, anyway... Spaghetti Feathers are actually a cute craft for you and your kids to make!

Take card stock in all different colors and cut out feather shapes.  I cut the basic feather silhouette first, then went back and cut slits in the side and made notches at random.  I cut a few feathers at one time, stacked together.
Then just take some spaghetti - uncooked, obviously.  Probably didn't need to point that out - and spray paint the noodles different colors.  You can see the spray painted noodles in the corner of the photo below.
Optional: Help your kids glue feathers to half of a paper plate and then glue on a turkey body shape, a triangle for a beak, a red "gobble" thingy, and buttons for eyes.  Voila!  A turkey!

And once they're done with that, you should have about 50 billion or so feathers left.  Take your spray painted spaghetti, break it to size so there is one long piece down the center of the feather and multiple smaller sticks coming from the center on each side, angled from bottom to top.  Glue these spaghetti sticks down with regular white glue.  The kids'll love it, promise.

When we were out of painted spaghetti, I still had a lot of feathers left.  I glued some feathers to a few sticks.  I glued some feathers together in bunches.  Then, I put the spaghetti feather sticks (hahaha!  Man, I don't know why, but this post contains some WEIRD phrases that I find funny.)  in a metal basket along with some mini white pumpkins and a few glued together feather bunches.  Bam.  Centerpiece.

 I spread the other feather bunches along the table runner and put a few more over on the food buffet table.

Nope.  We're not fancy shmancy for Thanksgiving (there are a lot of us and I just don't have that many table settings.  Plus I don't want to do all those dishes, do YOU???)

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Michelle L. said...

Kimberly, i LOVE the spaghetti feathers! And the silliness of the name. They are very cool, what a unique idea!

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