Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Easy Shmeezy Thanksgiving Decor

Ready for the easiest Thanksgiving decor ever?  So easy anyone can make it?  I mean ANYONE.

Anyone who has felt, scissors, a pen and a hot glue gun, that is.

I used the cheap sheets of felt, but you can use any kind of felt you have on hand.  I loved the mix of bright, bold colors - turquoise, bright orange, sunshine yellow, fire engine red - with the more muted typical fall colors.

All you need to do is draw different leaf shapes on your felt.  Cut them out using your scissors.  

Then, use your hot glue gun to stick the leaves together.  I used a dot of glue at the top on the back of the leaves, then stuck them to the bottom front of the next leaf in line.

I strung the garland up around my $5 DIY Chalkboard.  That's more of a command to the kids than a suggestion.  But we'll just pretend it's a cute little Thanksgiving message.

Bam.  Decor, done.

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