Sunday, July 29, 2012

I've been scavenging!

We're back!  A little sleep deprived, extremely bug-bitten, and very grateful for a decent shower with decent soap... but we're back!  This trip only solidified my "vacation = catastrophe" theory where Justin and I are concerned, but I'll have more on that later.  

For now, I thought I'd finally, after many, many moons, join in Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  So exciting. 

I'm using photos from last week's vacation to northern Wisconsin... though you'll obviously see more of this trip later on as well.

Right before we left, the kids and I painted rocks.  You'll see more of this project later on.

I don't know if you're aware, but Wisco has got to be the greenest state in the country.  Did you know that 60% of Wisconsin is considered heavily wooded?  That's a lot of woods.  I had a hard time choosing a photo for green, so here's a triptych of a hike through the woods...

And here's bug sitting on a tree stump.  Gotta love this kid.

And bug again... because his eyelashes go on forever, and I love them all drippy droppy when he's been swimming.

How about circles?  Lillypads have always looked very geometric to me.  They were all around the beach at the island.

Just a snippet of the view... Pretty incredible.

I wanted to show you something new I learned, too!  I saw this over on Delia Creates.  It's a focal zoom technique... up until I saw her mention it, I thought that was just something you did in the editing process.  But apparently, if you've got some good lighting you can just slow your shutter speed down a lot, pull your zoom all the way out, focus on one point, then hold down the shutter button at the same time you are turning your zoom to zoom in the whole way.  I found I got the best results when I put my camera on continuous shot mode, so it would keep taking the picture as I kept zooming.  Then I had a lot of shots to choose from.  I think it would have been better had I used a tripod, but I didn't take mine on the trip.
Pretty cool looking though, right??  It almost gives you vertigo...

And because this post seems sadly lacking in mini shots, here's another to round it out:
He's telling her an amazingly funny knock knock joke to coax this smile.  It goes like this:

"Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Ezra who?"
"Ezra silly bologna pants kid!"

Which is remarkably similar to the first knock knock joke I ever invented which, according to my parents, went like this:
"Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Banana who?"
"Banana bologna!"
And then I would laugh hysterically.  Apparently bologna is really funny.

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Unknown said...

Your green, your Lilly pads and your new trick are amazing.What beautiful children!Fabulous shots all of them.Great Blog!

Lizzy said...

Glad you decided to play in SHS again. Love your green triptych. Sorry to hear your vacation wasn't the best.

Unknown said...

What a great shot for "shapes" I love the serenity of that picture. Good job!

Shannon said...

That lilly pad picture is great. I especially love the lone flower.

BJ_Mama said...

Wanna here Sam's Knock Knock Joke?

Knock, Knock!
Who's There?
Banana who?

Follow by hysterical laughter! LOL!

Bree said...

That second-to-last shot makes me dizzy! I'm definitely going to have to try that out.

Ashley Sisk said...

Such a brilliant set - I'm really loving your perspective on eyelashes.

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