Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The secret to a happy yard.

This post brought to you by Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sorry.  That title is a bit misleading.  I don't actually know the secret to a happy yard... do you?  Could you share it with me?  Please?  Because, uh, right now my yard very sadly looks a little like this:

Go on, you can say it.  It's awful and horrible and sad.  Pathetic, really.  We know.

We desperately want some pretty landscaping.  A redo of our current flowerbeds.  We tried to do it one summer. If you've been around for a REALLY long time, you might remember the post where I showed you a hard-working mr:

We were diggin up our sad and sorry front bed, laying ground cloth, pulling out the burberry, planting some flowers and pruning the rest.  We naively thought we would tackle one bed per weekend, which would have taken us approximately 7 weekends to finish.  Hahahaha!  Oh, we were so cute and foolish back then.  We got this far - the front bed.  And that's all we've done since.  Lots of the (not very pretty or nice) plants that were here when we moved in have died.  A random tree got planted in our backyard - a seed fell from the neighbor's and before we knew it, we had a sapling.  It's a mulberry.  We have weeds where there should be flowers.  We have since discovered that the "professional" landscaping the previous owner's swore was done, was very unprofessional.  No ground cloth.  Lots of shortcuts.  My lilac, that I was so proud of:

Didn't last its first winter.

I have a black thumb.  And my husband isn't much better.

This is what I want:

Or this:

Or even this:

Oh, oh!  Or this!

And now I have to stop searching gorgeous gardens on pinterest because I have serious garden envy.

I would settle for this:

Since it seems a lot more practical for our space, and we don't live in a forest.

We did try growing tomatoes once.  And banana peppers and jalapenos.  It would have gone over better had my toddler not tried to "help" me pick everything off before it was ready...

Eventually, we will really tackle the yard.  And by eventually, I mean probably this summer.  We are continually embaraased by its ghetto appearance.  (sorry, yard, but it's true).  Plus, I really want access to fresh grown tomatoes.  And rhubarb.  And unlimited zucchini!!

So I was thinking.  Maybe we need a little help.  Maybe if we pampered our plants, they'd like us more.  Maybe we need some outside assistance - a little plant "parenthood" class, if you will.

Maybe we should get some Whitney Farms organic plant food and organic soil.

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Organic Plant Food

Why?  Well, it's all natural, for one thing.  You don't have to worry about pets or kids getting into it, since it's 100% from the earth.  That's nice.  Plus I can feel like I'm cheating less that way.  (is it cheating when you use miracle grow?  I always kind of thought so).  Some other perks?  There's no gross manure smell (don't you hate that?  The houses around my neighborhood are pretty stinky, it's true.), it's really easy to apply to your plants, it contains beneficial microbes (everyone knows how important MICROBES are, for goodness sakes!), and they are specially designed with a protein-based blend.  Sounds compelling, am I right??

Wouldn't it be amazing to turn this:

into something beautiful and fruitful and ALL ORGANIC?

If you're with me on this (and I hope you are) follow this link to Whitney Farms® for a $3 off coupon!  Advertisement That can't hurt.

Say it with me: Together we can grow beautiful plants!  (or at least have a fighting chance)

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