Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Well, I had a whirlwind weekend again - with family this time.  Friday mom and I took the kids to the zoo and park.  When mr got home, we took a day trip over to Lake Michigan with my mom to let the kids play on the beach.  What am I saying?  To let MR. play on the beach... him and his sand castles...  on Saturday, we took the kids to the pool and after church today we spent MORE time with family - playing games with my brother and sister IL at my parents' house.  A great weekend getting almost nothing accomplished.  Yea!  What I did accomplish?  Lots of pictures.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday stuff:

Seeing Double
Well, my "reflection" shot didn't turn out due to sun glare and seaweed.  So I'm sharing this little snap of skinny mini and her double pigtails... I love them.  I can't help it.
While at the beach, my mom and I were startled out of our conversation by bug's yells of "Shark!  Shark!"  When we looked up, this is what we saw.  Apparently he scooped it up in a cup of water because "sharks need to be in the water."  Although I tried to tell him it was just a little fish, he insisted I was wrong.  Whatever.
This llama at the zoo was pretty sweet on mini.  He just smiled and tried to nuzzle her while she FREAKED OUT.  Really, he just wanted her leaves...
The moon, as the sun sets.  Man, I wish I had a DSLR and a telephoto lens!  For now, my point and shoot will have to do.
Super bright day at the zoo... super bright flowers and a cute little fuzzy bright yellow bee.  And the only editing I did was a crop!

At the Paper Mama, the prompt is "whatever."  I could have shared the same shot as above, but I couldn't resist this one of mini on the carousel.  

For fun, I thought I'd share these black and whites I'm adding to Pioneer Woman's flickr pool:


Unknown said...

cute shots - love the lama!!

Me said...

Really cute shots for the scavenger hunt. And I love the black and white one of your daughter.

Ashley Sisk said...

So many great photos - I think my favorite is your whatever shot!

Donna @ Snowbound said...

Great pictures! I love the pigtails one!

scrapinbabygal said...

Wonderful photos!! I love the llama shot with mini- its so sweet! Also love the framed landscape through the circle and your adorable cutie! Have a good week!!

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