Thursday, April 15, 2010

A very stylish placeholder

While I was searching around on some crafty blogs I like for an idea of what to make my mom for her birthday, I happened upon this post by Disney from Ruffles and Stuff.  A very cute idea to girly-up just about anything!  She cut apart some of her favorite lace to make DIY lace appliques.  She added them to tanks, hair clips, earring posts, and necklaces.  I loved this idea, but really couldn’t picture my mom wearing a lace necklace (mostly because she doesn’t often wear jewelry) and she doesn’t wear tanks... I like the idea of a cardigan with lace all around the neckline, but it’s spring, not cardigan season.  I put off the idea, but was having a hard time thinking of anything else to make for her.
So I brainstormed some things she likes to do.  She likes to go for walks.  While I’m sure she’d appreciate the thought behind some paper mache tennis shoes, they didn’t seem very practical.  She likes chocolate.  I think we all know I’m a novice cook, and no chocolatier.  She likes camping, singing, gardening... nothing seemed appropriate.  She likes reading... but I can’t write her a novel, or can I?  

No, no...

A way to use the lace applique...  Introducing: a very fancy way to keep your place.
I made my mom two different bookmarks, the "antique lace placeholder" and the "zipper marker".  I still need to perfect the zipper bookmark, and actually, I have big plans to make it even more exciting than this:

(Try to contain yourself.)
But, here’s a step-by-step for the "antique lace placeholder".
  1. Get some cheapo lace from st. vinny’s on half-price Monday.  (have I mentioned half price Monday enough?  I really like thrifting.)
  2. While you’re at it, buy some really old-school cheapo stiff binding too.  (actually, any scrap fabric will do.  That’s just what I used.)
  3. Measure out a strip of chipboard to your desired width/length.  
  4. Make sure your fabric will fit around it, then trim excess.
  5. Fold the fabric around the chipboard (like a sandwich), then sew some zig-zag stitches in rows lengthwise down the bookmark - sewing the fabric to the chipboard.
  6. Cut out a square of lace that includes the design you want to use (flower, curly-que, etc.) and iron on your heat bond.
  7. Peel off the backing and cut the design out.  Position it on the bookmark and iron it on.
  8. Punch a small hole in the center top, a little ways down.
  9. Fold your ribbon (tassels, yarn, embroidery floss, etc.) in half, thread it through the hole, and pull the ends through the loop you made, pulling tight.
  10. I threaded some antique buttons on to add to the antique look.  Optional.  Embellish however you want.

And there you have it.  An exceptionally easy gift for the book lovers in your life.  I know, it seems too easy for the woman who gave birth to you and nurtured you your whole life... I actually have another gift in the works, but it’s not finished yet.
At least her books will be extremely stylish now.  And guess what?  Pretty sure it’s my first ever no mistake project. 

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