Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things My Two-Year-Old Taught Me: Part III

It is spring break for area teachers, so K is home with her mommy and next week, K is home with her Daddy!  Fun for them, and fun for us!  We all love playing together, but it’s bug does like to have his mommy and sister all to himself!  
I have often wondered if anything I say gets through to my son.  I feel as if I am talking to myself... why must I repeat the rules?  Why does he continue to throw his toys and scream when he’s upset?  Am I simply giving him pointers and wisdom for my own benefit and not his?
Today I had bug and mini downstairs while I went to get them clothes to wear.  I could hear mini crying, but as it was the “pay attention to me” cry and not the “I think I’m going to die” cry, I decided to continue grabbing clothes before running back downstairs.  As I was coming back, the absolute most adorable sounds met my ears.  
“It ok, it ok.  Don’t cry!  What’s the matter?” bug crooned quietly to his baby sister.  “what’s wrong?  You’re fine!”  he told her softly.  I entered the room and saw him holding her hand, using the calming words he has so often heard mr and me repeating.
So he does listen.
More proof positive?  Later on, while running quickly through the grocery store, (grabbing those forgotten items) I tossed a bag of rolls in the back of the cart.  I was in a hurry and I grabbed them from the shelf and threw, without stopping the cart or missing a beat.  bug looked at the rolls, then back at me, with wide eyes.  
“Mommy, threw those.” he said, matter-of-factly.  I was distracted.  “Hmmm?  Yep.  I did.”  “Mommy throw things.  Mommy stand in the corner.”  He said accusatorially.  This got my attention.  “You’re right, bug.  We don’t throw things.  I should have set it nicely in the cart.”  He nodded, “Yeah.  Mommy hand it to the cart, don’t throw.”
So I guess some things are getting through.  And even now, as I listen to him rant at one of his toys that is not doing what he wants it to, saying alternately “darn it” and “doggone it”  I am realizing that they do listen.  
They are listening when you think they aren’t.  Heck, they are listening even when you don’t want them to be!

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