Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big plans...

I had all these huge plans for nap time yesterday.  I know I usually get about 1/2 the amount done that I want to, but I still have these grandiose designs almost everyday.  Would you like to know why I got nothing done yesterday?  Here:
Yes, yesterday was a rough one for little mini.  And just so you really get the idea, she wanted me to let you know:

In this one you can tell she really means it.

So there went the plans.  And today's nap time isn't shaping up a whole lot better.  But.  Would you like to see what makes it all worth it??  I thought so:

(mr.  would appreciate it if I informed you that yes, indeed, she is smiling and drooling - literally - over a car here.  A BMW to be precise.)

And just so we're clear:

So, it's not all tears.  Thank goodness.

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