Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Newly Hooked Blogger

Driving down the highway today, I caught myself daydreaming about what my next post would be.  (It was only for a split second, I swear.  I don't condone daydreaming while driving.  Usually I'm attentive, and not a horrible driver at all.  But maybe I'm protesting too much...)  

Then I realized that this was not the first time today I had thought of this exact subject.  And if I was honest with myself, I would admit that I think about this multiple times EVERY day.  

While shopping at the grocery store I absentmindedly pick through avocados, wondering how I will start my post about the chicken calido... my two year old says something hilarious and I think to myself, "I could totally blog about that!"... something embarrassing happens and I wonder if it's funny enough to include or just plain embarrassing...

In short, my life has become one big blog post.  I never used to take pictures of my food.  I never used to take pictures of my attempts at craftiness.  I didn't walk around thinking in clever quips and smiling to myself as people looked at me curiously.  And I was generally only witty on occasion, and almost never on purpose.  I can't stop thinking about how to word things or what a good title for specific posts would be.  I have a little back log of a few projects I want to blog about, and as I drift off to sleep at night, I think about how to word my descriptions, or which of my mistakes to make fun of.  I carry my camera around almost all the time now, because you never know when you might catch a great picture you can use, and you need to capture that melted spatula quickly, before someone throws it away.  

I hope I'm not becoming obsessed.  I have a sneaking suspicion I might be.  I am telling myself it is because I enjoy writing and haven't had an outlet for it since my minor in English in college.  

But the truth is that I am addicted.  I'm composing a letter for blogspot.  Here is a rough draft:

Dear Blogspot,
You should come with a warning label.  "Do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence..." or "Caution: do not use while sleeping; although you will most likely dream about using anyway..." or "Caution: highly addictive."

Newly Hooked Blogger

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