Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Not sure where the summer went, but it's almost august.

It's almost August.  You know what that means!  
Yes, summer vacay is almost over.  But that's not what I'm talking about.

Gift it.  Gift it good. is coming up!  Yea!

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For those of you who are unaware, Gift it. Gift it good. is an annual event around here.  All month long I share awesome guest posts about handmade gifts, give you some of my very own gifty tutorials, and round up some seriously awesome gift ideas from all around the web.

It's pretty much my favorite time of year.  Except for Christmas.  Which also involves giving gifts!  Go figure.

You can see the very first ever Gift it. Gift it good. series from 2012 here.  

And check out last year's Gift it. here.

So why am I telling you this NOW, in the middle of July?  Because I need you!  I'm accepting guest post submissions for this awesome handmade gift idea event now!  Some basic details: 
1. You should be a blogger of some sort.
2. Your gift idea/post submission doesn't need to be a NEW tutorial, but you may need to edit it to fit the guest post and relate to the series.
3. The idea/project needs to be YOURS.  I don't want you to submit anything you don't have the rights to.
4. I'm looking for anything and everything!  Birthday presents, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Neighbor Gifts, You Just Got a Promotion Gifts, I Kind of Like You gifts, everything!  Semi-handmade or handmade, gift basket ideas, round ups of your favorite go-to gifts, etc.  
5. email me with questions, comments, etc. 

bugaboo blog (@) yahoo (.) com

Let's make Gift it. 2014 the best yet!

*Be sure to check below for all the fun parties I link to!*

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