Monday, January 27, 2014

A roaring good time. Part 1.

Long, long ago... like just over a year ago now... my son had his 5th birthday.  And I never blogged about it.  Because I fail.  The end.

Just kidding.  Not the end.  That would be a short post, and I don't do short posts.  Anyway, he turned 5 and we threw him a party (just for family and some close friends) and I snapped some pics.  I figured it's about time to show it to you since he's now 6.

Every year, I let the kids pick what kind of party they want.  And with much throwing around of ideas, bug finally landed on: MONSTER PARTY!  And I quickly set to work pinning my heart out on my party til you drop pinboard.

Since today is yummy Monday,
yummy monday title button photo c41588db-8f15-4de5-90e0-d0ada37b9cd6_zpsf029cce8.jpg
I'll be sharing:

We let bug decide what the main course would be.  He picked pizza, which we did NOT make ourselves.  

Now that I think about it though, how cute would THAT be??  Little individual pizzas with toppings to make them look like monsters... awesome.
But ours was just lame and cheap.  But the kids liked it.

I got some apple juice boxes and decked them out for the occasion:
Nothing difficult here.  I wrapped red and turquoise duct tape around the boxes, each box took 3 pieces.  I just overlapped them a little.
Then I glued google eyes in different sizes and amount to the front.
I cut some white sticker address labels into teeth, fangs, crossed out eyes, etc. and stuck them on.
Also, do you know the little trick where you pull up the top side triangle pieces for the kids to hold onto?  That way they don't accidentally squeeze juice everywhere.  I pulled them up and they kind of look like little horns.

I also made cupcakes.
I used yellow cake mix because the birthday cake was chocolate and I wanted variety.  I used cream cheese frosting from a can.  And this is KEY, I think.  I bough NEON food coloring.  That's why the frosting is so vibrant, and I really think it makes the monsters awesome.
I used mini oreos, mini m&m's, mini marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  I layered them differently for each and stuck them together with frosting.
I used twizzlers pull and peel in green apple and cherry to make the mouths, tongues, eyebrows, some hair and a few crossed out eyes.
I used mini marshmallows for teeth and fangs. 
bug LOVED them.

Now, we all know my cake skills are... well, pretty sad.  You know about this super ridiculous failure.  And then this sad attempt.  And then the cakes I finally got my sister in law to make: mini's, mr's, and el's.  
I decided I should give her a break, so attempted another cake on my own.
And it turned out great!

I made a two layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  
I used those little edible candy eyes and poked them all over.  I made a mouth with cherry pull and peels for lips and giant marshmallows for teeth.  I pulled the curve off some candy canes and stuck them around the top for spikes.  Then I layered a bunch of green apple pull and peels all around the bottom of the cake over the cake plate to look like slimy tentacles.

bug thought it was incredible, and that's all that mattered to me!

And suddenly my little bug was a great big, HUGE 5 year old.  Which was weird.

(more monster party tomorrow!)

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