Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As you may have guessed...

he's here!  

Technically, he's been here for 11 days now.    I could not have been more elated and relieved to go into labor 7 days early... which led to his birth 6 days early.  

And HE could not be more perfect.

I had planned on having numerous posts prescheduled, but didn't get to it in time.  So I've considered last week (and honestly, probably most of this week and some of next week) my maternity leave.

Please excuse me if this post contains way too many pictures.  How can I help it?

I don't think everyone wants or needs the nitty gritty birth story, but this is what I was doing when contractions turned from kind of sort of regular to definitely regular.  The other photo shows what happens when minor complications occur and you need 3x the amount of Pitocin as normal after delivery.  Poor feet.  But at least the toes are pretty.

When I got home from getting my nails did, it was getting late, and I was afraid to hope that this was really it (since I'd been in prodromal labor for almost a month), so I did what any sane person would do.  I sat down at my new sewing machine and made about 20 baby hats along with a few matching mittens.  I'll show those off later.  By the time I'd run out shirts to cut apart I was pretty sure it was for real.  Tried to sleep.  Couldn't.  Woke mr up.  Timed.  Called out the guards.  

Made it to the hospital with enough time to worry I was wrong in my certainty.  Very shortly thereafter, it was made ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that I was NOT wrong.  No, I didn't have a "natural" birth.  (Though I take a certain amount of offense to that term... what was so UNnatural about what I did??)

This little peanut... he didn't wait too long to make an appearance.  

The kids were beyond excited to meet him.

They couldn't stop staring.  bug couldn't believe how tiny he was.  He hasn't stopped talking about how cute the baby is since he first laid eyes on him.  And mini loves helping with him.

Can't say that I blame them.  The rest of us are pretty smitten too.

Especially Oma.

Though, truth be told, I'm not sure which the kids were more excited about.  The baby or getting to play in the whirlpool tub in my hospital room.

We decorated Axel's bassinet with the felt bunting I made just a few days before.  The nurses loved it.

 And before we new it, it was time to get dressed for home.

 The kids made us signs to decorate the front door.

Our first week home was full of... well, mostly naps.  But also fun.  It's been unseasonably warm around here.  I mean, like scarily so.  So we got Axel outside with his toes in the grass - first experience with fresh green grass and warm breezes.  We went on a walk too, though I didn't make it far.

As for Axel, well, he's pretty much the perfect baby.  I thought my firstborn was a calm newborn... there is no way to describe this new little guy other than MELLOW.  It seems only fitting that we chose a name that means "Father of Peace."
He makes the most adorable squeaking sounds and little sighs you've ever heard, but really only cries when he's hungry.  He hasn't figured out the difference between night and day yet, and for sure does not understand what night is FOR, but hopefully soon we'll have that straightened out.  My favorite thing so far is how he looks at me.  Most newborns have kind of an unfocused, almost vacant way of looking about, but Axel is alert and stares at me intently.  I told mr that when he looks at me I feel as though he's in love with me.

And maybe he is.  I sure am in love with him.

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Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! HE'S ADORABLE! HOPE YOU ARE GETTING LOTS OF HELP AND REST....Please let me knwo if you need anything, I'm a hop, skip, and jump away ;)

Unknown said...

<3 him. So toot. ;) sorry about the complications...no fun. Hate that pit

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