Friday, October 18, 2013

and more washi tape...

Because, quite frankly, I have an illness.  Washiitis.  And I also make a lot of garlands.

This project was also from last year, so please excuse the less than stellar photos.  This is a really straight forward (read: EASY) craft to do.

First, I laid washi tape down on some card stock in candy corn order, overlapping the pieces of tape a bit.  Then I cut out some rounded triangles.  I used my crop-a-dile to punch little holes - two in the orange layer, right across from each other.  I threaded the triangles onto twine, going through the back to the front, and knotted the twine behind each hole so the candy corn wouldn't slide around.  And that was it.  Done!

Perhaps worth mentioning as well - I didn't have yellow striped baker's twine, so I made my own by wrapping plain twine around a cutting board I use for crafts and drawing lines with a yellow sharpie.

Then I had to find all kinds of places to hang it, since I made a ton.

You can find the tutorial for that super easy $5 framed "chalkboard" here.  

And of course, there's another sneak peek...

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