Monday, August 5, 2013


Not that I've ever been known for my brevity, but I just wanted to share some photos from last week...
My parents, sister, brother and our families all got together in a cabin in northern WI for a week.  (I was planning on still blogging with the free wifi access, but alas, it was not to be.  Which is why you didn't hear from me.)

I could regale you with story upon story of our "adventures," but I have a gazillion and a half photos to share... I'll post some of them tonight, and some in tomorrow's post, to break up the monotony a bit.  You're welcome.  
I miss my regular photography posts, so I'm going to pretend this is one of them.

We got a few decent family shots in, so that's mostly what I'll post now.  Ok, no more talk...

bug decided he was in no way afraid of the water anymore.  He thinks he can swim (he can't) and claims he's a word class "floater" (he's pretty good, and we'll ignore the usual definition).
Miss mini, on the other hand, decided she was in no way afraid of animals, big and small - though she WAS disappointed that her horse was a HORSE and not a rainbow or pink pony with wings.  I do believe we'll get a pony request for Christmas.

We went on a hike and I tried for family photos, despite the unideal conditions.
This is probably the best we're gonna get for a family photo.  Yes, my mouth is wide open in a crazy lunatic smile.  Yes, Zoe is NOT looking at the camera.  It's pretty typical.

Got a pretty cute cousin shot... although,

THIS is much more true to life.

This look of concern minus a smile?  Also typical.

The direct blaring sunlight wasn't ideal, but we did our best.  There are plenty of squinty eyes...

Insane, crazy hair... but at least she is smiling.  Then again, she usually is.

Hey, experts, how do you get your kids to smile AND open their eyes for the camera?  When I tickle them, I just get this!

Cute one of the kids out on the dock.  Of course, my two look drunk.

The kids agreed that the "best night ever" was when we had the cousin dance off.  They were in rare form.  Zoe's just insane and Ezra does a killer robot.

And just a few of our family outtakes... funny.  They look a lot like the keepers...

See you tomorrow!

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