Monday, August 12, 2013

An easy peasy gift.

As you well know, today is

BUT, as you are also aware, it's

So, in keeping with the modus operandi from last year's gift it series, I've decided to focus Monday's gifts on the food related.

Food makes a great gift.  I'm sure you're aware.  I mean, we all need to eat, right?  So, today's "food" gift is a tiny bit of a stretch, but it seemed to fit the criteria.  So, I present to you:

Yep.  It's easy.  Anyone will love it.  AND it has no specific PURPOSE really, so you can gift it for birthdays, Christmas, Wednesdays, Bad days, Bar mitzvahs (Ha!  I did it!) or - as in my case - Father's day.  This is what my dad got.

So easy, it's self-explanatory.  I used a frame that is NOT a shadow box, but had a bit of room between the glass and back when the cardboard lining was taken out.  I lined the inside of the back with brown craft paper.  Then I took a bit of scrapbook paper that looked like brick (I thought it looked kind of "manly".  Insane?  Maybe) and printed the phrase "in case of emergency break glass" on my computer.  I looked up fire extinguishers online to get an idea for what font I should use.  I ended up using

  I just used double sided tape to stick the brown craft paper to the back of the frame, and the scrapbook paper on top of that.  Then I used some double sided tape to keep the hershey bar in place, too.

Then I crammed it all in the frame, put the little latch thingers down and voila!  I funny little anyone, anytime present.  

And it's chocolate.  Mmmmmm.... chocolate....

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Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

Ha ha! That's awesome! I've seen something like that, except it said "In case of dementors, break glass." ;)

Michelle L. said...

Eeeee! That is too funny and cute - what a great idea!

Tracy King said...

I agree with Jilly, awesome!

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