Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our recycled Valentines


Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately... I mean, I know I resolved at the beginning of the year to cut myself slack when it came to posting - I'm dedicated to striving for quality posts and not just dribble.  But when I said that I still expected to be posting more than I have been.

There's more than our fair share of not feeling the greatest around here; by all of us, myself and the mr. included.  Plus my computer is really wonky lately.  Oh!  And I suddenly became hopelessly addicted to

and mr agreed to watch

from episode 1 (so even though I've already watched them all, I'm all over that.)

Anyway.  Just thought I'd give a quick rundown of bug's Valentines.  He's super excited to hand them out.

I stalked pinterest for a while, looking for ideas.  I gave bug a few different options (all of which you can see on my Valentines Love pinterest board) and ultimately he went with toads.

I was trying to creatively keep Valentine card costs down so we decided to recycle.
bug practiced writing names.  I used fun duct tape to cover the ugly boxes.

bug picked out some green scrapbook paper from my stash and helped me trace circles which I then turned into lilly pads.  They're attached to the cardboard with double sided tape.  I used our super duper low temp "cool glue" gun (it's made for kids) and attached the frogs - I tested it first to make sure that the toads would come off and the glue wouldn't stick to their feet.  The low temp ensures that the glue doesn't adhere very well, so it worked like a charm.

And bug has his "toad"-ally cool Valentines.  Just the way he wanted.

Check out the original one I found here.

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Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

We're doing toads for Michael's valentines, too!

Angela said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award!! Details here: http://angela-thesimplethings.blogspot.com/2013/02/blogger-award.html

LBK said...

Dude, Psych marathon, Downton and glued on toads all in one place! No wonder I read this blog!

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