Sunday, September 30, 2012

Park-play, Fall and Spumoni

Well, here I am, attempting to bring back my photography in another instagram-sharing post...
Someday I believe I'll try to do the weekly scavenger hunt I used to do, but for now, you get shots from my phone.

It's cooling off quickly around these parts.  Pretty soon, we won't be able to trek to the park quite so frequently.  So while there are still freakishly warm days every so often, we are doing as much of this:
as we can.

We know that all too soon there won't be any of this:
Or this:
Coincidentally, we decided that if trampolining was an Olympic sport, then swinging should be as well.  You can see I am perfecting my "Trick Swinging" in the off-chance the sport catches on.

On the plus side, all of the leaves around here are looking like this:
Which makes me incredibly happy.  Isn't it wonderful that for an entire season I get to be surrounded by my favorite color?

I've also decided that no matter the weather, warm or cool, there will always be this:
See, I'm involved in an obsessive relationship, and I'm well aware that it isn't healthy.

Spumoni is too delectable to be denied.  mr finished off a gallon we had and I was so distraught that he picked more up after a trip to the hardware store.  The only thing that kept me from gorging on the entire gallon was the look I was sure to receive from Justin.

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PS.  Happy birthday to this guy

Who is, as this picture CLEARLY shows, the REAL Batman.  I've caught him keeping guard over the playground before...
Or maybe, he's just wearing Zoe's owl on his head.
Well, whatever.  He's still MY hero!  Happy big 3-0, Love!

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Stephanie said...

We've been spending some abonomally-dry-and-warm days at the park here too! And happy birthday to your hubby--my guy's birthday is tomorrow.

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