Sunday, March 20, 2011

Take 2: An Octopus Garden

Alright, I admit it.  This idea is not exactly original.  I saw it in a magazine loooong ago - like maybe a year ago? - and took mental note.  I think it may have been a Martha Stewart magazine - but that's confusing because this doesn't seem like her kind of craft, you know? Anyway, that's where I got this from.  It did take me a while to figure out and perfect - hence the weird looking octopus in the middle that looks like an alien according to bug.

Cut two strands of yarn about 10 inches long.

Wrap most of the rest of the skein around something.  Like your sick three-yr-olds hands.  He's not going anywhere anyway.  

And when he gets better, you can use your husband's feet while he reads a book.

When you've finished wrapping most of the skein and have a thick bunch, take one of your 10 inch strands and wrap it around the middle, then tie it tightly in a double knot.

Lay it out, 

And cut the loops apart at the top and bottom.

Spread the yarn out and place a styrofoam ball in the middle.

Pull the yarn around the styrofoam ball, covering it completely and making sure the strands aren't lumpy.

Take your other 10 inch strand and wrap it around the yarn just under the ball.  Tie it tightly (NOT a double knot), 

and flip your octopus over, tie your strand tightly in a double knot.

tying your strand tightly in a double knot.

Trim off any strands that are extra long.

Take a section of yarn and braid it.  Secure at the bottom with yarn in a double knot.

Do this a total of 8 times.

Glue on some eyes.

And you're done!  This one has BIG googly eyes.

I also braided the legs... no, that's not right... TENTACLES, that's it... I also braided the tentacles differently.  I just took to pieces and wrapped them, instead of braiding three pieces together.

That middle dude?  That is the result of NOT ENOUGH YARN.  You definitely need to have a decent amount of yarn for this to look right.  Do you recognize his eyes?  Oh, and that tiny thing?  That's obviously a baby octopi, made with a teeny styrofoam ball.

I believe they will decorate our kid's fishy bathroom.

Well, maybe not the alien one.  I mean, alien's don't really go with the fish theme.

Are you following along with Mandy?  She's teaching us to crochet!

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Shawna said...

Thanks for sharing! Brings back childhood memories ~ I had one as a child....a scanvenger hunt in the attic might need to be added to the to-do list.

Michelle L. said...

Way cute! And I love your, models!

Julia said...

I remember these from when I was a kid, uhm........50 years or so ago. Great job bringing them back!

Julia said...

I just gave you a Stylish Blogger award. Come on over and check it out.
I remember seeing these octopi when I was a little girl. It's good to see they are back and popular again.

Mandy England said...

Oh my word... adorable!!! And I LOVE that you used your husband's legs, lol! :]

debbieluttrell said...

I'm glad to see that people these days think this is still cute. I'm 52 years old and we made these to lay out on out beds when I was a kid. Back then, people added things to decorate beds. They actually made bed dolls that weren't made to be played with. Usually filled with sawdust to make them heavy. We were poor, so we made a lot of things ourselves. The octopus was one.

Megan said...


Melissa F. said...

These would be great to make for OCC Shoeboxes! Have you checked out "clipping with a purpose"? This should get linked up there!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm always looking for crafts for me and the kiddos to do together. A+ for Awesomeness!

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