Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I've Been Up To Since February 26th:

A Retrospective

(in photos)

(Some of them really bad/blurry phone photos)

As you can imagine, we've had quite the few months... yes, excitement and sickness.  But I've also made a lot of food.  And not just for myself, either.  And I've managed a couple of projects, sewing and DIY.  Plus family stuff.  And everyday life stuff.  Well, you know, you've been there.  So, here we go.  3-ish/4-ish months of photos just for you...

bug had crazy hair day at school, and mini insisted on crazy hair, too.  They went around the whole day looking like this:

Then it snowed.  A lot.

And then it blizzarded.  Again.

There was a bit of melancholy.

But we made up for it with cute legwarmers.  Plus I documented a few of mini's more extravagant outfits.  That she picked herself.

I made a delicious green drink for St. Patrick's day.  Then I made it again.  And again.  And I may have made it one more time.  You can find the "Shamrock Juice" recipe here.

Speaking of things I love, I also documented some crazy cravings... when I could keep anything down, this is what it was.
top row: pickles, sharp cheddar, and turkey on toasted plain bagel with cream cheese spread.  cottage cheese and peas with "Sunny Paris" seasoning.
second row: leftover mac and cheese with ketchup. grilled sharp cheddar and mozarella on sourdough with a sprinkle of garlic salt.
last row:  pickle, slim jim beef stick, sharp cheddar stick wrap on a flour tortilla with cream cheese.  vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and maraschino cherries right from the carton.  Bam.
But even more exciting, we went to the circus!  The kids loved it.

And then my five year old beat me at wii bowling.
how does that happen??

After all the blizzarding, we were very excited to find our first nest in March, right outside our door.

And mini decided she loved dancing. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the dance clothes!)

I got a pedicure and took in some theatre (and ate some really delicious food, which I don't have photos of) while visiting my bff, El.

I gave myself a haircut.  More like a trim, but I thought I did pretty well.

AND I started my search for the perfect red.
And got some color on my face!  Ok, so no color, but more freckles!  Can someone tell me why no matter what color or brand I buy, my lipstick always turns magenta?  I need something deep, sultry, whine red...

And then, right after I was so excited about getting some color, er, freckles, we had this crazy ice storm.  CRAZY.  In APRIL.  It was insane.  Our city lost a lot of trees.  And power.  

In the midst of the cold, we decided to get away to a hotel north of here with an awesome slide.  bug was sick and stayed home with dad for the night, but joined us the next morning.  bug and mini both did the "giant twisty slide" by themselves!  But mini's favorite part was the "yittow (little) hot poowoh (pool)".  She warmed up in our bubbly jet tub in our room while eating ice cream.  (???)

Then came a round of illness for everyone!  Yea!  (I'd been sick most of the three months, though, so, no biggie)

mr went to Vietnam.  And China.  He was gone FOR-EVER.  We got by with facetime.

I did actually do some real cooking (like I said before)
all food to be discussed in detail in their own posts.
and worked on some projects (these are just sneak peeks mind you...)

and when the sun finally broke for real, we went to the park again


and again!

And then, it snowed!  In April!

mr had gotten me tickets to see the Broadway touring production of The Lion King at the PAC in a nearby town.  Then his business trip was extended and couldn't come with me!  Luckily I was able to wrangle up a date at the last minute.
He loved it.  He requested eggrolls for dinner - I was happy to oblige - and we both loved the music and the acting.  The costumes and puppetry was really cool.  Afterwards, bug got to meet one of his favorite characters in the lobby, Timon!  (I asked if I could take their picture and the guy said "I have to say no if you ask me, but I can't help it if you sneak a shot in while we're talking!")

I was in charge of a family history lesson/craft for a bazillion girls at my church.  They really seemed to like it, and I'm planning on sharing the idea here later.

Oh, and guess what happened then?  It snowed.  In May.

And I shared this bump photo on instagram: (yes, a sweater, in May!)

It finally warmed up enough to visit the beach here in town:
though the water was frigid.

We had a bike race,

played Candyland, (why is that game sooooo loooooong???)

And Ezra realized he actually loves avocados.  So no more complaining!

I made multiple to-do lists:

which have now been swapped out with what I call the "Before Baby List":
(it's long.  Like 4 pages long.  Two columns.  Plus extras.)

bug "graduated" from 4K,

and announced his devotion to his very first "girlfriend".

The kids started (and already finished) their first ever swim lessons
and bug worked up the guts to jump off the diving board after his last lesson.

We accidentally let the kids swim in algae.  It was pretty gross.  EWWWWW.

We watched some sunsets:

did some baking:

broke out the Christmas present from hubby (a nail gun!):

mr did a whole ton of yard work.  Ton.  Like redid the entire backyard.  More pictures forthcoming.

We've used the backyard for a lot of sprinkler fun since it warmed up the past two-ish weeks.  June was cold.  I think we may have finally hit summer though!

We got our house painted!
And re-arranged.  But it's not quite done yet.

You may also be interested in this... mr baked a cake.  With a surprise inside.

It's a boy!

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!


alisamm said...

You're back! Yay! Love you.

alisamm said...

You're back! Yay! Love you.

Michelle L. said...

A boy! Woooot! Great roundup, Kimberly - looks like aside from that looong husbandless period, tons of fun was had.

Unknown said...

okay. i read it all, and these are the important bits:
one: mini, in the leotard? i die. srsly. i thought the "melancholy" shot was cute...then i saw that one.
along the same lines: the tortilla with slim jim and whatever i dear lord i can't even think about it anymore...hold on. deep breathing through my nose over here. that was bad. i thought the bagel thing in the first collage was bad. the tortilla-that-shall-not-be-named was...worse.
also--i don't know how you mommas with travelling hubbys do it. my hat is off to you, madame.
and, well...we've already discussed the "it's a boy" thing ;)

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