Tuesday, April 8, 2014

44 FREE patterns!

Looking for some awesome crochet and knitting patterns to try your hand at?  Never fear!  I've got you covered!  I may not know how to crochet, but I sure do LOVE hand crafted crochet and knit items...

**hint, hint, MOM, hint, hint...**

If you need some inspiration, check out my round up of  44 {FREE} AWESOME crochet and knitting patterns from around the web!

1. Knit Pouf - Flax and Twine
2. Ombre Pillow - FLAIR
3. Snowball Wreath - Ravelry
4. Knit Chicken - Ellemenno P
5. Crocheted Spring Tulips - Little Things Blogged
6. Crochet Chicken Bean Bag - Petals to Picots
7. Crocheted Basket - All About Ami
8. Crocheted Bowls - Just Crafty Enough
9. Chair Socks (Floor Proctectors) - Simply Notable
10. Egg Warmers - Pysseldrummar
11. Crochet Bird Feeder - Johanna Rondel

1. Box of Chocolates - Little Things Blogged
2. Knit Frog - Rust and Sunshine
3. Sully Inspired Monster Hat - Hopeful Honey
4. Kalen Cardigan - Sweet Living
5. Toddler Boat Shoes - Whistle and Ivy
6. Mr. Hedgehog - Pops of Milk
7. Bow Tie - Purl Avenue
8. Knit Elephant - Craft Foxes
9. Crochet Medals - Instructables, Penelope Bulnick
10. Baby Uggs - Things for Boys
11. Funky Flower - Idea Ivana
12. Baby Sweater - Fig and Honey
13. Knitted Bunny - Agus Yornet

1. Stashbusting Tablet Case - Habitual Homebody
2. Knit Dress - Serious Craft
3. Yoga Mat Strap - Shirley and Adie
4. Crochet Cuffs - Grow Creative
5. Bow Necklace - Harvesting Hart
6. Subtle Owl Hat - Century Crafts
7. Colorblocked Top - Untangling Knots
8. Knitted Bangles - ambah
9. Hair Bow - Creating Laura
10. Winter Headband - Design Fixation
11. Crocheted Rings - Hands Occupied
12. Vintage Crochet Collar - Cre8tion Crochet

1. Team Color Socks - The Chilly Dog
2. Bike Seat Cover - Kittenhood
3. Boho Backpack - The Chilly Dog
4. Mustache Coffe Sleeves - All About Ami
5. Fibonacci Scarf - Eat, Knit and DIY
6. Striped Cowl - Knit and Bake
7. Whale Shark iPhone Cover - House of Humble
8. Slouch Hat - Lady By The Bay

And just because this is probably the awesomest thing I found when looking for hand-knitted items, even though there is no pattern (sadly):
Knitted Boyfriend (with accessories!) - inthralld
Yep.  That's a knitted boyfriend pillow, people.  Even if you're in a committed relationship, this guy would be great to keep around for all your cuddling needs!
Seriously, you have to click the link.  He even has accessories (like different mustaches, and glasses...)  Again, if only I could knit...

If these 44 fun crochet and knitting items don't get you caught up in yarn fever, I don't know what will!

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